Have Fun With Adult Birthday Party Ideas

So why do kids get all the good birthday parties?? Adult birthday parties can be just as much fun – if not more – so here are a few adult birthday party ideas to get you thinking about how you want to celebrate someone special in your life, whether it is your mom, dad, relative or friend.

There are many adult birthday party ideas to choose from – from an specific decade-themed birthday party, or one that celebrates a love for travel, to one that is centered about what that person likes to do for fun from a “bucket list” – pick one thing off that list that they can do with a group to have an unforgettable birthday!

One of my favorite adult birthday party ideas is the “Decade Themed Party” – if he or she was born in the 1950′s, 1960′s or 1970′s (for example), use music, decorations, newspaper headlines and nostalgic items from that time period to highlight when they were born and what was happening in the world at that time. You can have a Sock Hop, complete with ’50′s music and Elvis, and an old-time juke box playing all the hits! Have a hula hoop contest or a limbo contest. Or you can celebrate the decade of Laugh In, the Beatles and Woodstock! Have peace signs and tie-dye hippie decorations, and lava lamps, and find an old 45 record player to play the tunes!

If the birthday guest enjoys traveling, why not have a “Around the World in 80 Years” (or whatever year your guest is celebrating) party? Invitations can be passports, and pick some places that the honoree has visited to spotlight with your food, decorations and adult birthday party games. You can have a slideshow and have guests guess which country the slide is from, and give the winner a prize. This works especially well if the birthday guest really did travel worldwide, and has these slides or pictures from those travels.

Have you heard of the “bucket list”? This comes from the idea that everyone has a list of things they want to do before they die – i.e. “kick the bucket”. So if you can find out what your birthday guest’s bucket list has on it, and there is one that is possible to do during a birthday party, even if it requires that guests do something a little unusual (like hang gliding or climbing a mountain), why not? Or something more usual – like singing karaoke on stage, or doing a tap dancing routine! This will definitely make the party more interesting and more enjoyable!

There are many other adult birthday party ideas, but these are just to get you started! Be creative, and remember – kids don’t need to have all the fun! We can have just as much fun – or even more!

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